SocialADR – Spinning the Title and Description

Spinning is a content manipulation technique used by Internet Marketers to create variations of a “seed article” so that every copy output by the spinner software is unique while every variations output convey the same meaning. The original idea behind the syntax of content spinning – called Jet Spinning is that synonyms share the same meaning but can be replaced with different words.

For example, the following spun sentence will output 6 unique sentences:

The {camel|dog|fox} {jumped|hopped} very high

  • The camel jumped very high
  • The camel jumped very high
  • The dog jumped very high
  • The dog hopped very high
  • The fox jumped very high
  • The fox hopped very high

…in no particular order.

Machine spinning used to be the only way to write a spun article a few years ago but Google cached on and now penalizes duplicate content. Now the safest way to spin an article; that is create multiple copies of the same article is by manually spinning the article, not only replacing synonyms but also the sentence structure so as it says the same thing but written differently. Writing “unique” content is time consuming and expensive if commissioned by others. Even cheap writing services that charge $2-$5 for average quality content stacks up. You need a truckload of content for your website and promotion of your website. The more competitive the market, the more content you will need.

SocialADR allows spun content in its submission system. When using SocialADR, you absolutely MUST use unique and grammatically correct sentences. This is because the search engines will “know” if a sentence is “legitimate” i.e; posted by a real person or it’s a form of “machine content” – spun content which is interpreted as spam. Concentrate on quality of content blurbs over quantity. When you “Add a Bookmark” to SocialADR, it provides you with 3 text areas:

  • Address
  • Keywords
  • Description

…and a drop-down list where you choose your category.

add bookmar simple

The bookmark submission of SocialADR recommends you submit spun articles. You don’t have to do this, but it is less tiresome than writing dozens of unique sentences manually. However, be careful with spun content. As mentioned above, spin your content manually using any free spinner online. It takes only a few seconds to do and the reward is well worth it. AVOID automatic spinners like plague as they only output garbage that is easily spotted by a search engine that deserves its name. The title needs only a few catchy words and the description should be of average 50 words, each.

You can also switch to “advanced mode” and it will provide you with more options, like tags, adjusting submission rate and setting a submission limit. You can also set a micro-blogging message.

SocialAdr submits content to microblogging sites such as Twitter (learn more here). Only 140 characters are allowed for the message.

You can view the default microblog message below, and if desired, enter an optional custom message that will be used instead. The bookmark URL is automatically appended to the end of the message, so you don’t need to enter it.

If you want, you can disable microblogging of ALL your URLs here.

add bookmark advanced mode

I usually add a bookmark using the advanced mode, as it gives me more control over my submission. Tinker a bit with it. It’s really powerful.

In conclusion, just like your website content needs to be unique, so does your social submissions. Unique sentences get indexed faster by Google than duplicate ones, if at all. A link not in Google’s index means a link that is not getting counted as a vote back at your web property. In other words, it is useless to submit thousands of bookmarks and social shares if they are not getting indexed by big G.

Remember, the whole point of SocialADR is simulating real users doing social sharing and social bookmarking and different titles/descriptions help in maintaining this diversity.

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How to use SocialADR to rank any page

rank with socialadr

As you have already seen in my SocialADR review, this service is also a powerful and autopilot marketing on steroids. If done right, you can rank almost any page or website you want. Here is exactly how I use this tool every day to rank my content significantly faster.

Let’s say you have written a blog post about blue widgets.

Your money keyword, that is the keyword you want to rank for is “blue widgets”. Now you take that URL and put it in your SocialADR account. When you have done this, take the content you just wrote and convert it to a PDF document or a PowerPoint presentation. Then go to or any other popular PDF or PPT sharing site and post your document.

It is a good idea to make it professional, with good colors and graphics because people often share those documents or post them on their websites if it contains good and useful information. Make sure to invite people to your website in the video, either by posting a live URL or simply displaying your website address.

You can also turn your website content about “blue widgets” into a YouTube video. There are many tools on the Internet that allows you to do this for free, but the simplest method is just to convert your page to a PowerPoint presentation and then into an MP4 format for YouTube. You can then voice over the audio. Make sure you have a good microphone for this. It is better to use your own voice, or commission someone from fiverr to do the voice over than simply using some background music. Your video turns out to be more professional this way and people connect better to it. Remember, YouTube visitors are also customers.

Now that you also have a YouTube video (it can also be dailymotion, vimeo or any other of your favorite video platform), take the YouTube URL and slideshare URL and post it to your SocialADR account.

Now go to Pinterest and share the image on your blue widgets post. It is important to have a good and visually appealing image when you post content. If you do not have an image then don’t use Pinterest; but I see no reason not to have an image in your blue widgets post (why not? :/). Now take that Pinterest URL and post it to your SocialADR account.

The gist is, every time you write something about blue widgets, or build any backlink to your blue widgets post, you post it to SocialADR as well. Any link you add to SocialADR need to point back to your blue widgets post or point to a URL pointing back to your blue widgets post (also known as tier 1 link).

This way you would have an army of people sharing your content on popular authoritative social media and social bookmarking sites – all pointing back to your blue widgets post. This will get Google and Bing jumping up and down.

This is an extremely powerful strategy that I have been using for many years, even before Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird or any other bird updates from Google. It is also future proof and guaranteed to work as people will always use social media and social bookmarks to share content. Your content is guaranteed to rank high on the serps if you use this strategy.

Give it a week or two to start seeing good results.

Rinse and repeat this process for any webpage or website you make.

I also highly recommend that you get a paid account for SocialADR as the free membership provides you with a limited number of credits that will be be ineffective for this strategy to work in a meaningful way.

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Social ADR Review

SocialADR is a tool that distributes your link to a varied network of bookmarking and social media websites. The tool is semi-automated for free users and fully automated for premium members where you just need to enter a title, a description and a backlink to the property you want to promote and the service will “simulate” real user social sharing. SocialADR is very good at what it does, and perhaps the best tool out there in telling the search engines that your website has some strong social interaction going on (therefore a useful site). There are many ways it achieves this, ways which we will explore later on in this review.

Social ADR Features

SocialADR is a social bookmarking tool that uses real people to spread your links on the Internet at a natural pace (that you choose) from many different IP addresses and locations. SocialADR delivers good quality and authority back links that the search engines love.

SocialADR uses two kinds of authority sites to spread your backlinks. The first one is social networks; websites like Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and the second one is social bookmarking sites; like delicious, digg and so on.

If you do not know the difference between the two at this point, then social bookmarking sites are a way for people to go online and share their social lives. That is the medium of communication and information sharing/gathering with their friends and the world.

Social bookmarking is totally different.

In the same way your browser allows you to have a favorite tab for you to bookmark your favorite websites, a social bookmarking website works in exactly the same way. However, instead of being stored on your physical computer privately, social bookmarks are stored on a public website that can be accessed by others as well. This includes the search engines. (That is of course unless you make your profile and social links private). That’s why those bookmarks are called social.

Since they are public links, search engines like Google and Bing can crawl them. A website which has been bookmarked a lot of times by different people, is considered popular, and ranks high in the search engines as compared to one with little or no social sharing.

Here are some of the social bookmarking sites used by SocialADR:

APSense Bitly Delicious
Diigo Ello Flipboard
Folkd Instapaper  Papaly
  Pinterest  Plurk  RateItAll
 SiteJot  StumbleUpon  TheTopLink
 URL.ORGanizer  WeHeartIt  YouMob


Social media sites include:


Google Plus Facebook Twitter Linkedin

As you can see, they are all authority websites, and hosted on different servers offering you with a diverse backlink portfolio. They are good quality links, and most of the social bookmarking websites have a no-follow link. This is the kind of backlinks that will not pass on link so you are safe to share as many as you want, provided that you are not using money keywords or the same anchor text over and over again. It is unlikely that Google will penalize websites on social bookmarking sites. Using social signals as a sign of popularity and authority. Most “authority” websites got their authority from social media/social bookmarks in the first place.

SocialADR Free or Paid Account

SocialADR works on a credits basis. One credit gets your link shared one time. You need a minimum of 6 credits to to get your links shared in the system.

Do I need a paid account, James?

I cannot answer that for you. I don’t know what your finances are. With a free account, you only earn credits on SocialADR sharing other people’s links on social media and social bookmarking sites. As as a free member, you will not be able to have your links shared on the social media websites like Twitter Facebook and Google Plus. This is a premium member exclusive feature.

But do not let this scare you! Even if you are a free member, backlinks from social bookmarking sites are still a very powerful feature.

SocialADR also gives credits based on the type of social media you share links on and the number of followers you have. As an example, sharing a link on Google Plus gives you 5 credits but sharing the same make on Twitter will give you significantly less credits. This however depends, on your number of followers.

The more followers you have the more credits you will earn.

Using the free account, and a Facebook account with a couple thousand friends, I am able to get 1.2 credits per link shared. Bear in mind that you can only share a maximum of 5 links a day earned exclusively from social media sharing. You are only earning credits this way but you cannot get your links shared by other people on social media (only social bookmarks) as a free member. It can be a pain in the you-know-what, but if a free membership is what you’re going after, you’ll have to do some manual sharing every day.

So if you’re planning to set up a Free SocialADR account with dummy profiles having no followers, forget about it!

You will not earn a lot of credits this way. But even with the limitations of a free account, you can still get a lot of quality and free social bookmarks. There are services on the Internet that charge hundreds of dollars to give you the same type of social bookmarks. You can now get the same kind of social bookmarks by simply opening a free account. Bottom line is, if you have more free time than money, and you’re willing to invest a few minutes every day to earn credits so that other people can share your links then a free account will do just fine for you.

If you want to have what SocialADR calls a “lazy account” then you need to consider the paid service. As its name suggests, this account means you do not have to do anything. Your links gets shared on social networks and social bookmarking sites on autopilot.

In essence, you are purchasing credits to have your links shared by others to their social sites. When you submit a link, it costs you credits. This is the relationship between free and paid members.

How SocialADR Protects itself from abuse

To prevent free members from sharing too many links too fast, SocialADR imposes limits to prevent spamming. This makes the whole sharing pattern more natural to the search engines as it seems to the search engines that “different people” are sharing your content more than the same people sharing the same content over and over again. It removes any form of pattern the search engines can track. This “limitation” set in place is actually a benefit/feature that actually helps your ranking. The only caveat is, as a free member, it means you can only earn a preset maximum credits per day.

With a maximum of five links per day for free members, it forces free members to share the links to the more popular sites that pay more credits for each share. In return, premium members get their links shared on higher quality sites more often.

The Submission Rate:

The submission rate is the pace at which links are spread out. There are four kinds of rate. Drip, Slow, Normal and Fast.

Drip = 1x per week

Drip means that your link is shared once per week.

Slow = 1x every 2 days

Slow means that your links will be shared on someone’s social media account or social bookmarking account once every two days.

Normal = 2-3x per day

Normal is the default submission rate of the service. Your links are said twice or thrice every day, with a few hours between each submission.

Fast = 8x per day (uses 50% more credits)

Fast means that your links would be shared 8 times per day but it also cost 50% more credits to run at this rate. There might be special circumstances where you need a fast submission rate, otherwise normal will do just fine for most people.

I usually use only normal which is 2 to 3 times a day and this has provided me with plenty of social signals and good rankings from both Google and Bing. As you can see, you can definitely manage a successful social sharing campaign with a free account. However, if you want to get the most out of the service then I highly recommend you get a paid account! This is where this service delivers the most benefit.

Click here to start a Risk-Free trial

There are three kinds of accounts you can open with the service. The free account, the social starter, the social booster, and my favorite the social addict. The social addict is a little bit pricey but it’s so well worth it.

You can top rank almost any low competition to moderate competition keyword on Google and Bing by simply using social addict on a well written unique article. This is something I do everyday with great results. Thousands of people sharing the same web property is not something any search engine in their right digital mind can ignore. Google certainly does not. Give it a try and you will absolutely not regret it.

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Welcome to Social ADR


My Name is James Raccat.

I started using SocialADR back in 2010. That was when the program was still in beta and brand new.

I can’t believe it’s already been 5 years. I have seen my share of success, but also failures in the world of online marketing.

Along the way, I learned a thing or two. This is one of the few tools that I keep turning to over and over again, everyday.

Why you might ask?

Because it gives me results. Massive results!

In essence, SocialADR is an automatic tool that submits any page you specify to high quality social and bookmarking websites.

The sites you submit to are carefully hand picked based on their authority so you can rest assured that you are Google penguin-safe.

You can build a significant number of high quality backlinks in a short amount of time with this tool.

Quality is much superior to quantity

If you use it correctly, it will give you tremendous benefits over time. It simply works!

But as with any powerful tool, you need to be careful.

With great power comes great responsibility, huh?

If you want to learn how I use it everyday to rank #1 in all 3 search engines then stick around, and I will show you how to use it like a real pro. You will become a true hero of the web.

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